Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bebe and the Striped Slink

I'm pretty sure the title and the photos say it all. This is my stock pose when I'm wearing really tight clothing and am sucking it all in.

Bebe always has me covered with my favorite stripes. Look at my past with Bebe stripes:
  • Here Design Lab makes me look like a striped Patrick Starfish
  • Here Tara Subkoff makes me sailor-ific in a striped shirt
Ah, memories. 

Bebe 1 West 34th Street at Fifth Avenue


WendyB said...

I love the yellow on you! You're like a sexy bumblebee!

jennine said...

i agree with wendy! the yellow is hot!

Hannah said...

nice stripes!

Herald Towers said...

FABULOUS dresses! Please tell us that you bought one of each?

Rosa Tang said...

this looks so good on you!

♡, Rosa T.

Yasmeen said...

:D That bumblebee dress is banging. You should definitely invest in that one. Maybe throw on a blazer and pumps too?

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