Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm All "Express!"

Good, better, and pretty fabulous. Every time I've visited Express in the last couple months I've been a little gaga over the selections. And this time was even better than before. Today was also the first time I received one of their coupon emails and thought, "Excellent." I'd like to use it on these:

I'm so excited, my favorite season fall is now creeping into stores. Military-like jacket is $138, grey shirt is $29.90 and latex-look leggings worn here and below are $59.90. Can someone please tell me if latex leggings are making a comeback, or they never went away? Because I want these again. Striped red dress is $49.90, and striped T is $34.90.

Express 7 West 34th Street just west of Fifth Avenue
Express Manhattan Mall 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue


Kaisu said...

Anonymous said...

Bring on the '80s... some more!

I still have my latex leggings from H&M. The one on 86th, but still!

And now I have an idea of what footwear to look for to wear with my leggings since my boots died a while ago. :)