Friday, July 13, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Summer Sale Edition

#1. Gap
Because they've got 40% off already reduced items. This means yes, I bought another kids bathing suit for my girl. Also, when you visit the Herald Square store please keep in mind that renovations are not yet finished! We incorrectly reported a few weeks ago that renovations were complete, but they aren't, so don't panic when you walk into what seems like a greatly reduced store. When completed, the upstairs will be all women's, and the downstairs will be men's, kid's, baby and maternity.  60 West 34th Street

Online it's on sale for $15.99, in Herald Square I got it for $8.99. Just sayin...

#2.  Aldo
Because they're have a big sale, and you can get shoes up to 70% off. Personally I'm stalking their designer collab Rise collections that I'm always raving about.  27 West 34th Street

#3.  WHO.A.U
Because they are having a "Hot Summer" sale of up to 50% off. I know it doesn't feel like plaid shirt weather (or fleece weather), but if you can find any stock up for winter because their plaids are the best on the block. Ditto to the polo's, and don't forget their patch station where you can customize your vest, jacket, etc.  22 West 34th Street