Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Survive Family Reunions with Toddlers

I'm fresh back from a family reunion and I'm beat. I'm done in. I'm wiped out. As a cousin said to me in a rare moment during which I talked to someone who wasn't 2.5 and screaming, "Here's Tricia to friends on her family reunion:  I chased around my toddler for two days."

Let me give new moms out there some advice about big family events and toddlers: MAKE YOUR HUSBAND GO. Or hire a babysitter. And be sure to take along fail-safe beauty products.

High SPF is needed under the July Nebraska sun at the family golf tournament while trying to stop the toddler from destroying the putting green. Also, coverage is needed when close family members call your daughter "a handful" and your head begins to explode. Most important, BB cream is OK to leave on overnight if you fall asleep while reading "Old Bear and His Cub" for the third time in a row.

Heat, humidity, stress, time restraints? Blow dry that hair then use a little argan oil. This stuff saved me. My hair did not look like total crap all the time, and that was probably my biggest coup all weekend. 

A lip stain that moisturizes is a necessity because you're going to be dehydrated. It's hot, you're on your feet, and you'll hardly get a glass of water down in-between toddler meltdowns (you will, however, sniff out and guzzle wine as soon as a bottle comes within 500 feet). I like a stain because makeup application time gets low-priority at these things, and this gave me some easy and pretty color.

Wen is at Sephora now! I stopped using shampoo post-pregnancy, but I use Wen as a travel alternative because it's sulfate and paraben-free. If you're unhappy with your hair texture these days I recommend giving it a shot. Also, for the scant two minutes you have in the shower alone, hold the bottle to your nose and inhale deeply. The scent will help revive you.
If you meant to make a hair appointment before the big weekend but failed and your bangs look a mess, fall back on the old reliable headband. This Sephora Thick Bradie version is chic and will make you feel like Sienna Miller. Just kidding, not for one moment will you feel like Sienna but your hair won't be in your face. 

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