Friday, October 14, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Manhattan Mall Edition

#1.  Express
Because I'm super impressed with Express these days. And all bottoms are BOGO 50% off. And their skinny jean leggings are really awesome (fit and color are fabulous). SERIOUSLY if you want the blue buy them fast, there weren't many left!  33rd Street at Sixth Avenue, level 1

And how adorable is the blue blouse? So cute I hardly mind the matchy-matchy!

#2. Charlotte Russe
Because their faux pleather jackets lured me into the store, but the shoe and jewelry sale kept me browsing. Jewelry is 2 for $10, shoes are BOGO for $15.50, and they do have some killer corsets for Halloween from $20.  33rd Street at Sixth Avenue, level 1

This isn't on sale, but it's so cute I had to post it. 

#3.  JCPenney
Because you can knock out a big chunk of your holiday shopping at their new WRAPT gift boutique in store at Manhattan Mall. And most of the brands like The Smile Shop and X-Treme Geek are BOGO 50% off. Go to town, Santa.  33rd Street at Sixth Avenue, lower levels 1 & 2


Audrey Allure said...

Love that pink jacket from Charlotte Russe!

Xmastime said...

did you get your hair cut?

LOOKIT ME! Im so observant!!!! :)

Tricia said...

Audrey - It caught my eye first thing, SO cute!
Xmastime - you noticed!