Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Little 34th Street Retail History

Lately I've been fielding 34th Street retail questions from the press like "What used to be in the new Timberland space?" and "Who was there before Uniqlo?" Sadly, I found myself digging around in my archives because I was coming up blank. This is either a reflection of my compromised brain or a testament to the speed in which the city's landscape is changing. I prefer the latter. Anyway, while frantically struggling with "Who the hell was in the new Levi's space just one year ago?" (Foot Locker, duh), I thought "Video!"


My favorite transformations are Victoria's Secret and Old Navy. Many thanks to my video intern, Adrian Nienaber, and Anne Kumer, our archivist, for putting this together. Saying we have a lot of 34th Street photos is a big understatement. If you're interested in district storefronts or building facade photos, we are here for you. Well, Anne is here for you, I'll just be passing your email along.