Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JCPenney Has It WRAPT Up

Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar at the JCPenney WRAPT holiday preview.

Officially, my holiday shopping has begun. I know, I don't even have a Halloween costume yet but I blame it on JCPenney. Today in their Manhattan Mall store they opened WRAPT, a brilliant new in-store gift boutique. What makes WRAPT so special? Their awesome brand amalgamation: Dylan's Candy Bar, Glamour Magazine, MoMA Design Store, X-Treme Geek, The Smile Shop, and Maxim Magazine. Crazy smart, right? All the bases are covered. Well, maybe not all, but if you can't find something here to check off your list I might have to whack you on the head. My cat does this to me all the time. Speaking of animals...

I attended the WRAPT press preview yesterday, and we were given the choice of an item to take home. And thus began my WRAPT torture. How to choose? I really wanted the MoMA owl egg timer, but felt compelled to buy my daughter a toy. I compromised with something we would both love:

Smile Shop Friendship Bracelet kit! When I saw the letter cubes I had to have it. I think we'll make one for Dad, too. Speaking of guys...

 A super tough Maxim Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle. Oh, the tough guys I could give this to, it's a perfect  gift that says so much! While those of us in Manhattan can shop WRAPT now at JCPenney in Manhattan Mall, the rest of you non-Manhattan Mall JCPenney shoppers must wait till October 21st. Hey, it's still before Halloween! 
Dylan Lauren says "Use these boxes for storage after you've scarfed the candy!" That's not really a direct quote, but I did interview her and she does reuse these boxes. Interview coming!

WRAPT Gift Boutique in JCPenney Manhattan Mall 
Lower levels one & two, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue