Monday, February 25, 2013

Sergio Davila Fall 2013

While every season we come across a plethora of gorgeous evening collections, which naturally are stunning and exciting, the shows that truly hold resonance are the ready-to-wear collections. Sergio Davila's Fall '13 line managed to make everyday clothes exciting and chic, even within the more restricted dark color palette of winter.


The metallic bronze pants, maroon leggings, patterned button downs, and tailored coats will surely find their way to fashionable closets with their wearable appeal. The models, styled with relaxed, wavy hair and basic makeup, could have walked right off the runway and looked perfectly in place outside Lincoln Center. I adored the chocolate tiered dress that is versatile as a top over leggings for a daytime look, or with stockings for nights. 


The menswear echoed the same stylish urban look with finely tailored blazers and leather jackets. A twist in the classic button down anchored this collection to the present. By editing the details, like the patterns of a shirt or addition of leather gloves, Davila makes it easy for the men to subtly incorporate new trends into their fall wardrobe. 



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