Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Retail Rumors: Urban Outfitters Coming to 34th Street?

Lois Weiss' Between the Bricks column woke me up this morning with a tantalizing retail rumor: Urban Outfitters may be signing a deal at 1333 Broadway, aka 3 Herald Square.

1333 Broadway this morning

This is a choice location, indeed. Right across the street from Macy's Herald Square, this former Conway's space boasts 61,927 square feet. Previous intel had Dick's Sporting Goods moving in, but that deal fell through last September. Although a gigantic sporting goods store isn't a bad thing, I love a gigantic Urban Outfitters even more.

Across from Macy's Herald Square

Below are shots I took of the ground floor from Broadway this morning, moving south to north.

Yes, that's three gateways to the lower level. Fingers crossed that the ink is hitting the contract soon.

Update: According to the Commercial Observer, the news is confirmed and Urban Outfitters will be coming to 3 Herald Square.