Sunday, February 24, 2013

Custo Barcelona Fall 2013

It was almost dizzying seeing the Fall 2013 collection for Custo Barcelona. In one of the lengthiest (and over packed)  runway shows I've ever attended, designers Custo and David Dalmau managed to leave us swimming in thought. Themed "The Beauty and The Beast," the clothes had a mix of pieces that followed conventional and unconventional standards of beauty. We saw some truly gorgeous Aztec and tribal patterned coats refreshingly paired with metallics.




Custo and David aimed to represent "Beauty" with apparel that flattered the figure; think short mini dresses, tailored and fitted like a glove, accented with gold, bedding, and feathers. Not pictured are fun and quirky patterned book bags that I would love to have for Fall. 



As for "The Beast," the designers conjured images of wild animals and translated them into voluminous fur coats. This tri-color fur was the best look of the show. Stunning. Many of the shoes also caught my eye, patterned hybrids between sneakers and wedges... hmm...



Custo's menswear collection was perhaps a bit too bold, although it did look great on the runway. The pattern-on-pattern trend for men works when the patterns are more subtle, and many here felt too loud. However, there were some great trenches and an awesome plaid suit with leather accents.




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