Saturday, February 23, 2013

Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2013

Amanda Wigen covers Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The names designer Joanna Mastroianni has assigned to each of her Fall 2013 looks clearly imply that the collection is aimed toward strong and confident women. Armor for Today, Statement of Strength, and Unexpected Boldness are titles fitting for both Mastroianni's dynamic outfits and their wearer, an assertive woman whose presence commands the room.

Hand-stitched sequins and caviar beading added a fierce sense of energy to Joanna's runway presentation.

Illusion panels were beginning to exhaust me at previous shows, but Mastroianni offered a fresh take by using statement colors like teal and magenta. She also inverted the placement of sheer material, using it as raw trim.

Photo by Amanda Wigen.

The final number, rightfully named Ruby Red Hot, had an exaggerated neckline made of embellished organza rosettes. The floor length halter gown oozed sexiness without being revealing.

 Photo by Amanda Wigen.

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