Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mathieu Mirano Fall 2013

Craig discovers Mathieu Mirano at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

How do I gush about a collection without seeming like I'm just paying lip service to the designer? This post will be an exercise in exactly that.

I had to actively remind myself to take photos when I wasn't gawking

Full disclosure: I had no idea who Mathieu Mirano was before this presentation. There's something exciting about going into a presentation blind. You have no pre-conceived prejudices or expectations. Fortunately, I was floored the minute I entered the room.

Mirano played it relatively safe when it came to silhouette but the devil was in the details. This was not a collection for PETA members as almost every piece featured fur. For the most part, the fur detail was executed perfectly. The only misstep with the fur (and with the collection in general) was a sheer maxi skirt with a panel of black fox fur running down the side. 

I still don't understand this. 

For me, the absolute highlight was a nude gown embroidered with neoprene cubes. In text, it sounds positively moronic but I couldn't stop staring at it.

Days later and I'm still thinking about this gown.

How can you not love that? I feel pretentious using the word "juxtaposition" but the juxtaposition of such a classic silhouette with the use of such a quirky detail like neoprene cubes is just the perfect representation of Mirano Fall 2013.

Overall, this collection was an A+ for me.