Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leather Japan Fall 2013

Even as a former metal head, I found it difficult to fully enjoy the talent of the Leather Japan designers at their Fall 2013 presentation. As much as I like watching a noise metal band (Turtle Island, technically they are "punk tribal") perform in a cage, I did find it tedious to wait five minutes or longer for models to change and resume their brief stroll on the runway that circled the band.

But I really appreciated the crow decor, upon which jewelry was arranged, and I dug the kicks. Also the "Bagttery," a bag that charges your devices, was very clever. Unfortunately the display cabinets were on the floor, which doesn't make for a great sight line or photos. 

Sadly, a punk band and crows do not a full fashion show make. I cannot discuss the clothes because they were so secondary to the presentation that in the ten minutes I was there I only captured the above shots. It all felt a lot more like a spectacle than fashion show as spectacle. Perhaps I should have partaken more of the sake offered outside the presentation?

Brands included at Leather Japan: gentenblackmeansEd Robert Judson, e.m., Hender Scheme, INI, Kenji Amadana, and SASQUATCHfabrix.