Thursday, February 14, 2013

Parkchoonmoo Fall 2013

Nancy treks through snow for #mbfw Day 3 

Through the blizzard, we stomped over to Lincoln Center in our ridiculous heeled booties on Day 3 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Yes, we'd rather slip and slide than be a fashion faux pas caught on camera. But how appropriate the weather turned out to be for the Parkchoonmoo Fall 2013 show and its inspiration: the force of nature and the glaciers of the Arctic Sea.

Korean designer Choonmoo Park continues to pave the way with avant-garde styles. Her background in both industrial design and fashion inform her signature monochromatic and urban motifs. With the exception of a piece or two, the collection is solely black and white. Park emphasizes the simplicity of no color and focuses on layering and texture.



Oversized suits and coats with trendy leather and fur accents were accompanied with volume and padding, also Park's trademark. The designer aimed for a sporty yet chic look that would be sustainable in the Arctic, and kept it warm with layers and cozy knits. Models had no trouble walking in sneakers and were styled with minimal make up and simple ponytails. After the show we discovered that all the leather was treated to be water-repellent. 



(This is how we all wished we were dressed for the blizzard) 

Her men's pieces that opened the show shared the sleek and trendy character of Park's women's line, and featured layers with turtlenecks and geometric patterns. It would be interesting to see Park exhibit an entire men's line if a separate Men's Fashion Week were to be hosted, as rumors are predicting.

The designer bow: How cute is she dressed in her new collection and all smiles?

All photos courteous of The Cut.