Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Macy's INC Men's Collection

Last week Macy's had an exclusive evening party with Max Irons as the new face (and voice) of INC to show off some the men's collection, and we sent Intern LCogs to capture the event and the fabulous clothes... 

The new INC men's collection is perfect for the upcoming fall season, with the dark gray and black color scheme and the sleek jackets. I loved the iconic military style pea coat with the leather patched shoulders and large collar.

The casual looks with jeans, striped tops, and multi-textured jackets were a big hit. This is streamlined, stylish clothing for the urban man. You know, like NY'rs who wear black daily!

During the event, male models displayed the chic, clean cut ensembles, while the party attendees mingled, sipped on mojitos and photographed the clothing.

Sadly, I only captured blurry shots of Max at the party, but we can all look for enormous photos of him in the INC department at Macy's Herald Square while you're picking up some new fall clothes for your man.

Macy's Herald Square
151 W. 34th Street