Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Holiday '12 Sparkle at Express

I can't get enough Holiday in August. Seriously, I'm done with sweating on the subway platform and baking on the street, bring on the holiday previews! But it would be nice to keep the weekend beach option going strong through September, thanks.

Express, giving great hi-lo sparkle.

At the Express Winter 2012 preview, I was really feeling the shoes, accessories, dresses, and sweaters. OK, everything.

WANT bootie.

Wish I had a close up of sparkle flat.

Clutch on right. Mine.

Express is hitting it out of the park with shoes again.

Some miscellaneous winter fun. 

Look for it all in one of our 34th Street stores come holiday time!

Manhattan Mall level one, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

7 West 34th Street just west of Fifth Avenue