Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breaking News: Crocs is Coming to the Block

Crain's reported today that what is now a Tad's Steakhouse on 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue will become a 13,600sf Crocs outpost next summer.

I need these boots for my girl. She's got basic pink Crocs clogs and a pair that look like a puppy.

 The space at 152 W. 34th Street, just west of Old Navy and across from Macy's Herald Square, is currently home to Tad's, Tim Horton's, and Pizza Hut. I welcome the addition of Crocs to 34th Street, and look forward to buying my girl shoes there. I don't personally wear Crocs, but if you have a kid they are a lifesaver. Easy on, easy off, and pretty much indestructible. Also, you can get really ridiculous, fun styles at Crocs that your kid will worship and you might secretly covet, like Spongebob and fleece-lined Realtree® Mammoth clogs.

Coming Summer 2013 to 152 West 34th Street


H Fashion said...

So lovely,like them!!