Monday, August 6, 2012

Kmart's Route 66: It's All Good

A few weeks ago I threw out my back, and in addition to earnestly vowing to commit to a regular yoga and workout schedule, I went to Kmart to get one of these:

Because I'm desperate. Yes, I'm the goofy one in the office balancing on my exercise ball at my desk all day. But I encourage other computer worshippers to join me because after I punctured my first Kmart exercise ball with a letter opener (don't ask), I returned to the traditional chair and my back started tweaking out again.

In order to get to the exercise balls at Kmart 34th Street (lowest level, back toward the registers), one must first pass by the Route 66 on level one. And it is consistently, everywhere a girl turns, stocked with eye catchers. I was taking iPhone photo after iPhone photo, but I didn't try anything on as my back was still whacked.

Some Route 66 neutral basics (if you can call fringe basic):

Some Route 66 hi-lo:

And a lot of Route 66 color:

Next time I pop my exercise ball, I'm trying these on. 

250 West 34th Street at Seventh Avenue