Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Navy's Current Studio Spotlight: Mary Song

Have you seen this tag at Old Navy on 34th Street?

Pretty much everything it's hanging on is a find. Studio Spotlight, Old Navy's in-house capsule collection, is a total winner. I love that the company is featuring what they call "limited-edition love" from their own talented design team.

This second collection, "Sheer Bliss," is from Old Navy designer Mary Song (the inaugural designer was by  Kim Brennecke). Ms Song deserves big kudos for making an adorable shirt dress (above, $34.94). Also see: adorable blouses. The long-sleeved versions are $29.94, and the sleeveless are $24.94. Finding a well-cut and inexpensive blouse is truly a shopping coup.

This neutral dress might not have hangar appeal but try it on, it's cleverly flattering and a great August dress that will get you through October with a cardigan and ankle boots. Speaking of ankle boots, I think I'm going to have to get these.

Get to 34th Street Old Navy soon if you've got your eye on the blue shirt dress, as there aren't many left.

Old Navy
150 West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue


H Vogue said...

Oh! I would so love a dress like yours! You look soo pretty!

Fore Accessory said...

Simply beautiful!Everything is just so beautiful. Love your fashion taste.

Marilena said...

I purchased the shirt dress you are wearing in the camel color. It looks super on and even better with a skinny belt. For Winter I wanted to wear leggings with it but can't really decide on a color. Would black be ok or just too heavy for it??

Tricia said...

I think black would be fine with it, with a black boot, and maybe a cardigan on top. Brown might actually be too dull with that camel. And I could totally see a winter white knit legging and light colored boots!

Marilena said...

Nice. Thanks for the feedback!