Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No-No or Yes-Yes: Shoe Tags

This young lady walking down Fifth Avenue reminded me of a common problem:

Discount tag removal. Which is very different from the other kind of tags the kids are loving these days (above right). I'm impressed as it takes some cohones to walk around all Minnie Pearl-like. Karl Lagerfeld could do a lot with this as he often specializes in irony (see enormous Chanel jacket on runway). And what a great way to do even more egregious brand placement. In case you didn't know it was Chanel, and you missed those double C's, HERE it is, still on the tag! Immediate authenticity gratification.

Let's review: white discount tag on bottom of foot, No-No. Go get yourself some Goo Gone sticker lifter. Product tag left on your cool Converse kicks, Yes-Yes and soon to be seen on the Chanel runway.

Get Goo Gone at Kmart, 1 Penn Plaza (34th btwn 7th & 8th)
Get your Converse kicks with the tags on at Footaction, 430 7th at 34th