Monday, March 10, 2008

Bow to the Trend

We rented Elmer Gantry a few months ago and I felt compelled to take a picture of this:

The demure, pre-televangelical preacher, Sister Sharon Falconer played by Jean Simmons and her bow. But wait, what's demure about a gigantic bow? Nothing, that's why she looks great. And lately bows are front and center all over town.

Long and loose, left, at the Brian Reyes fall collection in WWD, or high and tight, right, by Proenza Schouler from NY Mag, bows are popping up everywhere looking sexy & tailored. Buy it already made on a dress or shirt (one bow per outfit, please), or get some skills. If you aren't friendly with an eagle scout, check out this website for a few vintage bow-tying techniques. Then buy a long silk scarf and give praise to Sister Falconer.

Look out for scarves at H&M, Banana Republic, Daffy's and Macy's. Or visit one of the many, colorful fabric stores on 35th between 7th & 8th for an inexpensive DIY version, especially if you want something as crisp and simple as that Proenza Schouler cotton scarf.