Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paul Stuart Update: Preppy Galore

This sale proves those Preppy Handbook types still live, breathe and love a bargain. So if you want a scarf, belt, or classic Paul Stuart "logo" cap ($26.85) get to Soiffer Haskin now. Accessories are quickly disappearing. The woman's sweaters, too, are getting picked through, but there's lots of shirts.

Why shop preppy? Um, classic is hot. Paul Stuart shirts are fitted till they're sexy. And you need a little belted prep to wear on top of your highwaisted jeans, shorts, and skirts for spring and fall. Be sure to try them on, because, as one elderly lady explained to me as she snatched up my medium shirt, "They're all sized differently, dear."

How much? Men are 70% off, women 75%. For example, women's wool and silk scarves are originally $190+, and cashmere sweaters $230+, so you may be paying under $60 for these. There are also racks of separates, most priced $500 and way up before the discount. Need a beautiful classic trench coat? This is your sale; you'll spend in the low hundreds as the original trench prices are over $1,000. See, kids, without math you'll be lost at sample sales.

Paul Stuart private sale @ Soiffer Haskin, 317 W 33rd just west of 8th Ave
This week, Tuesday-Thursday, 9a - 6:30p, Friday 9a - 5p. Credit cards only.