Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Notes

A little email from Soiffer Haskin this morning reminded me of the last day of the Paul Stuart sale, with "Final Reductions!" I'm dropping by to pick up some shirts if there are any left. I wonder, if you go to the sale at the last hour, say 4:45pm today, do they discount everything 99.9% off 15 minutes before it ends so they don't have to ship it all to a Filene's Basement in North Dakota? What fun, I'd grab armfuls of preppy gear.

And I'm happy to report my Gap Pierre Hardy shoes passed the "Take Them Out of the Box at Home and Try Them On" test. They got an A+ from the husband and my closet mirror fully agreed. No second doubts about these shoes; I was even tempted to wear them today. There will be more reviews when they are taken to the street for the sidewalk/subway test.

Paul Stuart private sale @ Soiffer Haskin, 317 W 33rd west of 8th Ave.
Today till 5pm. Credit cards only.

Gap at Herald & Greeley Squares, 34th & Broadway