Friday, March 14, 2008

Gratuitous Fashion

Flipping through April Marie Claire....

Regrets: Kate Bosworth is beyond lovely, but I can't read her quote on the cover of Marie Claire, "I turned 25 and had a quarter-life crisis," without thinking oh no, when you're 45 some asshole is going to shove this old cover in your face and you're so going to hate yourself. Ach, the perils of fame.

Advice: Kate should never take this off.

Bad news: "Katie Holmes Finds Her Style." Katie, please keep looking or you'll turn 45 and think, shit! Why didn't I tart it up in my twenties instead of dressing like an Anna Wintour/soccer mom hybrid?

Stop the noise: No more mineral makeup people! I'm getting confused! There's too many options, my head's going to explode!

Buyable editorial: $78 for these cute Armani Exchange shorts. Katie needs these.

Sorry, but no: "Painterly styles." I've tried to like these, but this shoot has finally turned me almost completely against them. And they've barely hit the stores. It's going to be a long spring.

What I want to see more of on 34th Street: Cute eco clothes.