Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's a New Foundation in Town

It's all about Matte Now, and beginning tomorrow you can get a free 10-day sample at Bare Escentuals on 34th Street. Print up the above card and bring into the boutique for your free sample. The Bare Escentuals pros will color match for your skin.

I've been gushing about all our new stores on 34th Street lately, but this boutique really is a makeup dream to shop. Everything is so neat, prettily packaged, and well-presented. Then there's the sample pigments. They look so inviting you want to dive into all that mineral color. Let's face it, a girl loves to shop a great makeup store.

More weekend temptations at Bare Escentuals on 34th Street:

New product launches, available in store tomorrow. Click for a closer look. The eye-lining tutorial ($38)? Very helpful. Wish I had that years ago when I'd have to do my own "smoky" cat-eye makeup with 2 pairs of false lashes. I would just slop it on. Oh, the many pots of dark shadow and liquid liner I used to own. Luckily with the Crash Course kit ($22) you'll be able to keep your graphite eyes neat and match them up with shiny pink lips.

And I got a sample of the mascara in store today (full-size Riduculashes, $18). You know how I love reviewing mascara, so soon there will be a follow-up on this new product.

Annnd, there's a gift with purchase this weekend if you book an appointment and spend $35. Lots of excitement round Bare Escentuals on 34th Street this summer. Love the new kid in town.

Update: The Matte Now event runs through August.

Bare Escentuals, 44 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


Lipstick said...

Oh how I would love to visit that store....(and about a million other things in NYC...)

Make Do Style said...

Oh their products are lovely.

Anonymous said...

As a very shiny girl, I wish I could take advantage of this offer!