Monday, July 13, 2009

Bebe Bits

I posted these Bebe boots last Friday, and figured I'd follow up this Monday with other Bebe items that caught my eye while in store on 34th Street:

An adorable mini that makes me want to say "Bam-Bam;"

This woven black leather clutch ($139);

This multi-woven hobo ($198);

And a palatable version of the now-ubiquitous military vest (naturally there's a matching military jacket).

And speaking of bits, if you're near Penn Station today drop by the old Dunkin' Donuts which is now a Tim Hortons. They're giving away free coffee, which of course begs for a tasty timbit or two. What's a timbit? Think doughnut hole. I'm kind of jealous Mr. Horton has a doughnut named for him. I think I'd rather have a doughnut named after me than a sandwich.

Drawing for the free Perricone MD is extended till tomorrow at noon. Bon chance!

1 W. 34th St at 5th Avenue


Anonymous said...

That skirt is darling, even if it is a bit Flintstones-reminiscent.