Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Metal Frames

Because of an overexposure to Beavis and Butt-Head at an impressionable age, I immediately threw the hook 'em horns when I saw this at LensCrafters in Manhattan Mall:

Difficult to read on my cell phone pics, but on the inside of the frames it very prominently says "METAL PLATE." You must say "Me-tallll" in a deep gravelly voice.

Of course they had to be bought. George, being from a like-minded generation, put up with my metal antics and calmly chose the METAL PLATE frames because they were his favorite.

Voila! Just a little heavy metal, but not too much all over.

He was looking for something different but not too hipster. I think these toe the line perfectly. I look to Oakley for good beach sunglasses, but never would have thought their eyeglass frames would be so nice. They beat out the Ray Bans, the Persols, and the lavender DKNY's I liked. Good for me, not so much for George. He was hoping for a prominent frame but not too overwhelming, and the Oakleys fit the bill.

It's also a good time to shop for frames, as LensCrafters is having a sale: $100 off all eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses with any frame + lens purchase till September 12th. It's part of their big family sale, so go here for more deals.

LensCrafters, Manhattan Mall level 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue


Anonymous said...

Such timing! Just did a post on choosing stylish specs!

WendyB said...

This is all part of everyone's master plan to convince me to get glasses, isn't it?