Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Daffy's Boutique

The Daffy's Apartment event launched today, so I went down to One Seventh Avenue South to check out the pop-up store. While I was taking pictures in the not-yet-open store, people kept stopping by, tapping on the windows, and begging to come in and shop. And no wonder, because this pop-up looks incredible.

Stunning dress and key hat/fascinator. They speak for themselves.

I'm going to have to bombard you with more cute clothes photos, because my favorite thing about this pop-up is that it captures, boutique-style, what is great about Daffy's: their gorgeous and quirky designer buy. No run-of-the-mill for Daffy's. And everything you see can be found in their stores, like, ahem, Daffy's Herald Square. This little boutique just brings it all together like a cocktail party full of fabulous gals. I'm thinking a swankish art-opening thing, but you decide.

Love Moschino
dress, $119.99, Cosa Nostra dress with stud trim, $49.99.

There is lots of lovely Tracy Reese and stunning Pollini (short jacket, $269.99).

Philosophy dress, $89.99, and a perfect Audrey Hepburn number by Nougat, $89.99. I saw this dress and thought of Cammila from Dressed Up Like A Lady.

Daffy's pop-up has a lot of Gaulthier. Besides this beautiful sweater, right, $89.99, I spotted some classic black Gaulthier pants. And you know this Love Moschino trompe l'oeil zipper skirt won't be in store for long ($59.99).

I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to get this in a large and wear it over my huge, pregnant belly. Elephant skirt is $69.99. I think I need it for fashion week.
Accessories! Fringe bags, a table of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, patent booties!

And yes, there's some men's, too. Some clothing, but mostly a good selection of shoes. Why have I been seeing a lot of guys in blue suede shoes recently? Oh, Daffy's, right on-trend as always.

Daffy's Pop-Up, One 7th Ave S.
Mon-Sat, 11am - 8pm.
Sunday, Noon - 7pm.
Clothing is replenished every couple days, so visit often. And be sure to enter the Daffy's Apartment contest.

Herald Square, 34th & Broadway


Lipstick said...

I reeeeeeeally love those dresses....

Anonymous said...

Dman it! Why am I not in NYC buying that zipper skirt?!?!

the Preppy Princess said...

You need to be sitting down for this: we actually like a number of those pieces Miss Fashion. They do have some cute stuff that we would consider purchasing, yikes!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Tricia said...

Lipstick - the dresses are amazing, such a great selection.
Sal - I know, you need that skirt!
TP - I knew you'd be a Daffy's girl someday:)

WendyB said...

The elephant is a must!

La Belette Rouge said...

Please tell Daffy to open a store in L.A.!!!!

Tricia said...

Wendy - right? loove it.
La Belette - i'm on it!

Rachel said...

When does this open to the public?

Tricia said...

Hey, Rachel, it's open now. Hours are monday - saturday, 11am-8pm, and sunday noon- 7pm.

Rachel said...

Thank You! Definitely going to check it out asap! :)

Sister Wolf said...

thank christ I don't have a Daffy's close by.