Thursday, July 9, 2009

On Sale: Khaki Design Editions at Gap

Dropped by Gap 34th Street today to find the khaki collection Design Editions on sale, including the Swanepoel hats.

Huge with 3 months to go. Just how big can pregnant women get?
I've now fallen for the feather cap. I forgot to note the price, but online it's on sale for $34.99 and I don't think it was much less in store. There is only one left on 34th Street in a S/M. The wide-brimmed hat that I adore is now on sale for $23.99 in store ($34.99 online), no S/M, just M/L.

I was also kind of surprised to see plenty of Wang moto jackets, now marked down to....ugh, forgot to get price of this too but there are none left online. I'll update the sale price tomorrow. The Wang double-breasted jacket is marked down to $44.99 in store ($74.99 online). Moral of the story? Visit Gap 34th Street if you can. The Vena Cava is also on sale: zipper dress is $64.99; very pretty but hard-to-take-off dress is $44.99; the pants are $34.99; and the Wang shorts are now $34.99.

Update: Moto jacket is also $44.99. And looks like the discounted Design Editions have been sent to a couple Gaps: 34th Street, Seaport (thanks, Miss Yaya), and possibly another uptown. Call your Gap for more info.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th Street @ 6th Ave


WendyB said...

What's up with forgetting all the prices, missy? Pregnancy brain? :-P

39th and Broadway said...

You are all about the hats, and they look so cute on you! 3 months wow, you must be thrilled that we are having a mild summer in NYC.

Anonymous said...

How did this stuff go on sale so QUICKLY?

Tricia said...

Wendy - That's totally my excuse. It's amazing I can even get through a day of work lately!
39th - I'm ecstatic, the super humid days hate me. I'm VERY lucky!
Sal - yup, I thought it was fast too! Perhaps they brought a lot of extras to 34th Street - could be the case.

Miss Yaya said...

you and wendy hit the best comments for 39th & broadway :)

they have it on sale at the seaport too... gap and express seem to be racing to the clearance racks

Tricia said...

^^ Thanks, Yaya, I dropped by 54th and they said it was sent to 34th, and somewhere else, so now we know!

Lipstick said...

You look cute Fashion Mama!

smithe said...

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