Monday, July 27, 2009

Shop Out Stains

A tweet from my office-mate a few weeks ago: "Just saw a VERY pregnant woman with a stain on her belly in Gap. Thought of you :)" Awww. I had just been complaining to her about stains on my clothing. Lately, few apparel items have emerged unscathed after a day with me, three meals, several snacks, and lots of beverages. At first I was clueless and naively asked my husband "What is wrong with me?" His answer: "Um, your huge belly is in the way." Duh.

But stains happen to the best of us, with or without the belly catcher. NYC girls acquire stains easily, considering we sometimes forget to check out the dirt factor of cab, bus, and subway seats before gratefully falling into them. This happened to Lindsey's yellow dress just the other morning (it's always early in the day and you're always wearing light colors). But Lindsey had a good solution:

Don't stress the stain, go shopping! She ran down to Zara and picked up this dress on sale for $20. Even better, it gave her jacket a totally new and fun look (the yellow is classic and pretty, but the strapless prairie dress is younger and trendier). This is also a good opportunity to remind you to check out the Zara sale, still up to 50% off. Just spill a little something on your clothes and beg out of work for some "emergency stain shopping."

Zara, 39 W. 34th Street near 6th Avenue


WendyB said...

Ha ha -- I like this plan for stain removal. Especially since Christian's studio is moving near your 'hood ;-)

La Belette Rouge said...

You might want to carry some Tide stain stick with you so you don't have to buy a new dress every time you get something on your tummy. Or better yet, stick with the "emergency stain shopping."

Anonymous said...

Shopping is the best stain remedy I've ever heard of.

Dream Sequins said...

Emerging shopping = awesomeness. Especially with all these crazy sales. I'm not in favor of being wasteful, but why not give the economy and your wardrobe a light boost :)