Wednesday, May 6, 2015

34th Street Mother's Day Picks

Here's a few of our favorite 34th Street things, well, retailers, to mine for your Mother's Day shopping needs:

Macy's Herald Square Buy her some fabulous skincare or get her some new beauty supplies from her favorite brand. The Herald Square Macy's beauty department on the first floor is a thing of, yes, beauty.

The Bobbi Brown Classics Collection, $140 value for $70.
The Masker Trio, $58 value for $30. I own, use, and highly recommend all three of these.

Pandora Herald Square She'll love just about anything you choose from this gorgeous new Pandora boutique that has a great reputation for stellar customer service. Stop by and pick up the Mother's Day set, available while supplies last, so hurry!

See store for details

Garrett Popcorn Shop Perhaps I'm biased, but I'm a mom, and I love popcorn. I'd pretty much jump up and down for joy if, instead of flowers, I received a big bag of The Mix.

It's SO GOOD. My husband better be reading...


Xmastime said...

no mention of our classic video?!?!?!!? ;)