Monday, February 13, 2017

Fashion Week Fall 2017: Tadashi Shoji and Noon by Noor

Noon by Noor

This season, the colour palette at Noon by Noor was largely monochromatic with caramels, blacks, and whites. Their signature oversized, menswear inspired, clothing continues to be juxtaposed with feminine cuts. Rather than presenting luxurious embroidery, patterns, and delicate details, Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa play more on different cuts and textures of the fabrics, such as jersey, faux fur, and velvet. The one pattern we see is a gradient floral print, fading from light to dark to light again, which is quite pretty on a jumpsuit as it is as a dress. Highlights include a great cocoon coat and formal evening wear with floating trains paired with trousers.






All photos from NYMag.

Tadashi Shoji
Tadashi Shoji’s Fall presentation was inspired by the waves of change happening across the world and served as an encouragement to be your true self. To be liberated, in this instance, means to dress boldly with statement pieces, and shine with sequins. Overall the collection had an opulent medieval and renaissance feel with heavy velvet gowns, wide sleeves, and gilded gold details. The floral brocade dress and fur trimmed coat felt as part of a different collection, but were my favorite pieces, as they felt romantic, light, and fresh, as oppose to the weightiness of some of his other pieces. No doubt Tadashi can produce gorgeous evening wear, especially when you see how these gowns move down the runway, I just wished there was sometimes a bit less of a direct interpretation of other periods.  





All photos from Tadashi Shoji.