Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville: What's Left

There's not much of the Dragon Tattoo Collection left at H&M on 34th and Seventh, but it doesn't matter. Go get what you can, the leftovers are freaking cute. The collection is in Divided on the first floor.

Moto jacket and jeans.

Top and denim skirt.

Yeah, I'm kicking myself for not trying on the entire collection sooner. Stick to the H&M on Seventh for the above, as the Herald Square store just has two tops. The leather motorcycle jacket pictured is the last one on the floor as of today. It's a size 9 and it's badass. Also, the jeans with holes are made of the softest cotton I've felt in jeans perhaps EVER. I would buy them if I didn't already have 5 pairs of black jeans.

updated to add: below is a shot of the Dragon Tattoo tops available at H&M Herald Square:

H&M Seventh Avenue at 34th Street