Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Socialista's Open Sky Fun

"He who gets the credits gets the blame." "Give assistance, not advice, in a crisis."
Put a fortune cookie on my drink and I'm all yours. Kibo's  Socialista cocktail.

Last night I traveled south to the Gramercy hood and dropped by delicious new Japanese eatery Kibo for the Socialista "New York Style Sessions" Open Sky event. We all ate, drank, and accessorized before choosing a classic New York city background for our Socialista photo. This all successfully inspired me to finally sign up for Open Sky. It also inspired me to pose in a ferocious crouch.

Here I am, just hanging out, daintily clutching a clutch.

Actually, to be honest, it was the photographer who inspired me. When I stood in front of the green backdrop, he shook his head and said "you're going to have to crouch down or something because you're not going to fit in the shot." I blame it on my Gap platform boots.

I chose the Brooklyn background because I lived there for almost 8 years. And there was no Queens background. I tried explaining to Midtown Girl about Queens being cool, and heavy eye rolling ensued.

More clutching of the clutch. I'm also wearing my H&M's Divided black Sqin jeans (spotted in Herald Square Divided department a few weeks ago), my Joe Fresh wool v-neck, and many accessories as styled by Amy of Midtown Girl, hostess and ruler of Socialista. She said (loosely quoted) "I'm going to accessorize the heck out of you." Perhaps she's tiring of my lazy minimalist aesthetic?

And, not seen here and am kicking self for not getting a full-on outfit shot, is my new Uniqlo +J cropped down coat that got several compliments (GO GET THAT +J BEFORE IT'S GONE, KIDS). So I was, as usual, almost full-on 34th Street last night. There should be some kind of monetary bonus in this for me, yes?!

This is my new coat. I want her eyebrows.