Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dress Season on 34th Street!

Every day, as the weather gets warmer, I see the best of spring/summer dresses as I walk through the Fashion District on my way to 34th Street. I'm a pants girl, but even pants girls dream of dresses when it gets hot. So I stopped by Banana Republic to try on a few dresses (and spring tops, to go with my pants, of course...)

Can you say summer wedding? Add a hat, go to Preakness? Meet the parents?

Denim-on-denim perfection (shirt, $69.50, jeans $89.50). This top is so comfortable you're going to want to sleep in it.

Here's what I found on the sale rack:

OK, 3/4 sleeves will be too steamy soon, but is the navy/white not sailor-ific? The mint green is an all-around winner. Work-to-date: check. 

Also from the sale rack: one of those perfect Banana Republic tops that are wardrobe staples for those of us who work in offices, but can also go casual with jeans for a weekend trip.

Banana Republic
17 West 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues