Monday, November 4, 2013

I Think I Need: Gap Logo Tees

I've been meaning to bring this one up for a while: classic Gap logo tees. I'll admit I'm completely surprised I'm saying this, because as much as I love and shop Gap Herald Square, I have never owned a T-shirt that says "Gap" on it. But their new logo tees look really, really great. The one above is kind of amazing.

I first noticed the new tees in the men's department at Herald Square.

Again, I'm impressed. I would totally wear one of the above home from my boyfriend's if I was still doing things like borrowing boyfriend's T-shirts. Now I just wear my husband's shirts on the weekend, sleep in his boxers, and "borrow" my sisters' clothes when I'm visiting. But none of that is so exotic that it will spawn a whole genre of clothing, right? Sister jeans? Husband jackets? No way! Or never say never?

Gap Herald Square
60 West 34th Street at Broadway