Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Gifts: Check Off Your List at the Holiday Shops

So happy: I just checked off everything left on my gift list at Bryant Park's Holiday Shops at Winter Village. Boom, holiday shopping done! 

I had five people left on my list, and at the Shops I found more than I needed. I was actually kicking myself because I'd already bought for my sisters elsewhere, and I found the perfect gifts for them at the park. Perhaps I'll return after the holiday to stock up for next year's sister gift, and get them on sale...

Admittedly, when it comes to speed shopping the Holiday Shops, I have an advantage as I work for Bryant Park (in addition to 34th Street). I've had my eye on several vendors for a while: Urban Man Made, Buunni Coffee, Lucy & Leo, Artsy Modern, and Wrecords by Monkey. Here's a closer look at the holiday haul:

My husband told me not to spend any money on him as he wants some super expensive guitar pedal and nothing else. So I didn't listen and bought him a pair of baabaazuzu gloves. I found a pair for myself at Worn and adore them. Now we can match. He's going to love that.

The Urban Man Made neck warmer ($40) is perfect for your guy who hates a scarf. Which possibly is all guys, because this is a top seller at Bryant Park. 

Hostess gift for my sister. I said "Give me the strongest coffee in the shop," because too strong isn't strong enough for her. These organic, fair-trade Ethiopian beans are micro-roasted, even in the half-pound size, so your coffee is going to be super fresh. I'm making her open it up as soon as I get to her house.

For my relative who always insists on picking up the check, the perfect coaster...

...and for the friend who always has chocolate on her, a fun tote. Artsy Modern has tons of gift items for those on your list who have everything.

Lucy & Leo, H06
I didn't get a good shot of the handmade Lucy & Leo headband ($18) before I sealed the envelope heading to my niece in Chicago, but trust me, they are adorable. I threw in a lip balm, good for mommy and baby, because I said they live in Chicago, right?

Here's a shot from Lucy & Leo's website, because her baby clothes are adorable, made in New York, and organic. Can you stand this photo.

I have a niece in college who just got an apartment but hates anything girly. So I got her what? A Brooklyn clock made out of vinyl. Perfect.

Last, I have to give a shout-out to Hot Hugs (K02), where last weekend I got my girl a bunny to commemorate her first time on ice skates. It has a lavender-scented, removable pouch that heats up in the microwave, so it's now her cozy and soothing bedtime bunny.
Clearly, this is not a bunny, but you get the idea.

Last last: If you haven't been skating yet this winter, GO. We had a magical day on Saturday skating in the snow. Bring your own skates, and a lock, and it's free at Bryant Park.

Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park
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