Thursday, April 2, 2015

Joe Fresh Spring Basics and the Animals

We are here today to peruse Joe Fresh's really cute spring basics. We are also here today to say: animal print tops. Because they are totally cute, and we need them. But also because Joe Fresh says cat, we say camel, and Joe Fresh says bird, we say whales. Really, we had a whole debate on this in the office yesterday. "That one looks like a kitty, and that one looks like a camel." "Birds? No way, those are whales."

Personally, I see a camel/elephant hybrid frolicking with kitties. And yes, totally whales. Those in no way resemble birds.

Maybe this is a really cute, wearable Rorschach Test and Joe Fresh is just helping you break the ice at parties. Or maybe they're about to go viral.

As for the rest of Joe Fresh for April, it all definitely looks like great basics.


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Joe Fresh
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