Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday '08 Recap

Later I'll be posting a video of the opening of Macy's Herald Square on Black Friday. My man and I were standing on the steps in awe. People actually cheered when the doors opened at 5am! And I can barely form coherent sentences that early.

The line outside Old Navy on 34th Street at 4:30am was bigger than last year. Macy's Herald Square had lines at every entrance. And once they got inside, shoppers were buying. The husband was a little appalled at the frenzy in front of the mirrors in the coat department (note to the girls, don't shop coat sales with men), and the shoe section was buzzing with activity, particularly in Juniors.

What did I buy? This:

Origins Modern Friction, $37 before tax. I'm probably the only person who bought something full-price at Macy's on Black Friday morning. But I was desperate for an exfoliator. And l love it, it works like a charm, and will pay full price for it over and over.

Here's what else I wanted to buy:

Boots were an extra 20% off in the morning. I adore these purple Miss Sixty boots, so much that I could even overlook that big "Miss Sixty" written on the side. At least it doesn't totally stand out.

Plastic Island dress for $98 (full price). Love the color panel.

And I almost talked the man into getting this:

Cuisinart blender+food processor
, around $80 on Black Friday morning

But he panicked last minute. I blame it on our fellow blender shopper who drove us away by waxing poetic about blender buttons for a good five minutes. Again, it's 5:15am and we're in the basement of Macy's Herald Square. I couldn't even muster enough energy to plead the blender's case. Oddly, just two days later at Costco in Queens, we had another blender discussion about the same Cuisinart with a couple of strangers. And still, I could not talk him into buying the dumb blender. My man is very skeptical of Black Friday madness and Costco discounts. Or I can only wax poetic about exfoliators.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


WendyB said...

Too bad you didn't talk the dude into buying the blender. If you'd had success I was all set to hire you as my saleswoman :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed that you showed at 4:30 a.m., sister. But even more so that you convinced the hubby to accompany ... even if the blender campaign failed in the end, you still got him there. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe your Spousal Unit accompanied you. What a perfect gentleman!

The blender would have been cool, although we are unclear as to how someone spends that much time on just the buttons.

Grins & Giggles Miss Fashion!

Seeker said...

OMG I'm impressed with all what I've heard and read about "Black Friday".


Tricia said...

Wendy - your jewelry would be much easier to sell than a boring blender. soon I hope to be coercing him to buy me one of your pieces!
Sal - he's a trooper, and he did it with me last year. Granted, his hang time in stores is VERY limited, but I can't complain.
TP - you scratch the surface and get the best kind of gentleman! yes, he I were in a blender button haze after a minute.
seeker - you'll have to visit during a future Black Friday!

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to Black Friday and buy the most random thing at full price. You are my hero! LOL. =)

I have also pondered going and making a big fuss over something, like sprinting towards it and grabbing twenty of them. You know other people would follow suit. People are just crazy like that on Black Friday. =)

Lipstick said...

Wow. 4:30 am. Whew, I am sleepy just thinking about that! Now the question is did you wake up that early or just never go to bed?

Elizabeth said...

Maybe he had already bought you the blender for Xmas and was hedging.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those boots are fab. I didn't even notice the logo until you pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

Great recap and kudos for braving 34th on Black Friday! I'm sure you heard about what happened at Wal-mart on LI, thank g-d Macy's was under control. So glad that the city never let Wal-mart build on 34th like they wanted!

Loove those boots too!

Tricia said...

lliana - ^^ me too.
Macy's has the crowd control thing down, and they get big crowds for Black Friday. For Walmart to not prepare better is so irresponsible. At Macy's no one felt panic, it was just fun, everyone was cheering!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-you are a true pro at shopping-I'm in dreamland that time of the morning, LOL!!

Siljesfashion said...

Wow, impressive nonshopping! I would at least have gotten the blender.

Tricia said...

Siljes - this is what my husband does after 2 minutes in any store that doesn't sell guitars, mandolins, and other stringed instruments, or accordians: grabs my upper arm and drags me out. Seriously. I have to shop solo if I want to buy!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i love it all, as usual xx

Songy said...

Oh this black Friday business is freaking me out. We have a traditional boxing day sale but even that doesn't open at 5am. That's insane!