Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shop The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

It's cross-promotion day! I'm going to show off some of my favorite product from The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park this month, as the holiday shops will be leaving Bryant Park by the end of the month. And I really want to support all of these great and mostly local artisans. New Yorkers, drop by, shop, and email me if you have any specific needs or questions. I can give you a pretty good idea of where you can find what.

Today's sampling:

Hand painted trays, plates and bowls from Black Beans & Rice, made by the owners, a husband/wife team based in New York;

Wallets made from recycled materials, recyclable luggage tags, magnetic desk dots, and, hello fashion bloggers, a bottle cap tripod (!!!) are just a few of the clever products to be found at Dynomighty Design:

There are several cool wallet & luggage tag designs, and that tripod screws onto standard bottle caps.

These stunning candles from Jacks & Pearls are handmade and designed by the owner/artisan Jessica Lauber. Jessica works with mosaic tiles in her design, and even mixes her own colors for the candles. The results are striking. Get them at Bryant Park where they are priced for a great deal (these will be more expensive if you can find them in certain high-end catalogs).

The candles with her signature tiles: that cube is 6 pounds and will burn forever; tall ones all in a row; and elegant tapers.

More to come this weekend.

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, between 40th & 42nd and 5th & 6th


Seeker said...

So lovely and cute things.
I think it will be a good sale.


Prunella Jones said...

Very cute stuff for gifts. Too bad I'm so poor that everyone on my Xmas list is getting McDonald's gift certificates. Sucks to be them.

TheSundayBest said...

That six pound candle looks cozy. It's like a portable fireplace.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

Candles are not normally my thang but I think and if the Aus dollar wasn't so shite I say post me a dozen.

Anonymous said...

So wish I could troll this sale ... that first bowl is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff Miss Herald, really fun!

ButterflyDiary said...

The rice and Beans plates are like little treasure pieces you'd pick up at auction houses. I have to check out the shops!

Mónica said...

lovely candles!