Monday, November 16, 2009

Maternity Outtakes #I

Tricia Lewis, our Fashion Herald blogger, is on maternity leave. Below is a post she prepared before leave.

I thought I'd show a couple of the H&M Mama pieces that didn't make the cut during one of my maternity trips.

The bandage skirt. Yes, ouch, poor bambino! I so appreciate the spirit of this, but IRL it was too binding. And no, it's not zipped up all the way. I recommend this only if you are carrying small. $24.95.

The cropped jacket. $49.95. Again, in fashionable spirit very impressive. IRL, not so great on me. Hello, bump, and the jacket appears so shrunken I should be laughing in that photo instead of looking so depressed!

H&M Mama, available on 34th Street in the Herald Square store @ 34th & 6th


Katie said...

Oh Tricia! You look SO sad in that jacket. It wasn't that bad! I can never button blazers and I'm not even pregnant :)

Midtown Girl said...

You look soo adorable, especially in the blazer!!

You will be one hot mama ;-)


Lizzie said...

Cute outfits! And i have that skirts from H&M haha but I'm not pregnant!!

Dream Sequins said...

My dear-- I don't think I could even squeeze myself into a bandage skirt sans pregnancy, let alone with a bambino aboard! Kudos :)

Hope you are well!

The Spicers said...

You WERE carrying small! That bandage skirt wouldn't work on most non-pregnant women.

39th and Broadway said...

Aww, you look so uncomfortable here. Not knowing much about pregnancy, I would guess these pieces would be better for somebody in the earlier months.

Tricia said...

Katie - I really was laughing, I just caught myself in a serious moment:)
Amy - You're too kind! That blazer is definitely for someone smaller!
Lizzie - I love how H&M does that, same style but rework it for maternity. God bless them.
DS - I beg to differ! Don't forget, I've seen you IRL, you can def. do bandage.
Iheart - that was maybe 5 months? Wait till I post this hysterical 41 week pic, I'm beyond HUGE!
39th - Definitely, or for women who carry small it would be perfect.