Monday, November 30, 2009

Maternity Outtakes #2

Tricia Lewis, our Fashion Herald blogger, is out on maternity leave. Below is a post she wrote pre-leave.

I'm a big fan of form-fitting maternity clothes. Generally, they make you look smaller, whereas the tent-like maternity wear makes you look huge. But there is always such a thing as too tight. This picture is from June 4th, and I labeled it "for family" as I sent it to them to show the belly. But that H&M Mama denim skirt above? Too tight.

Stick to your style. I always look dumb in the country look. Cute girl on the farm? Nope. And for maternity? Still no. (also from H&M Mama) A common error: a non-maternity infiltrates the maternity section. This happened to me at JCPenney with the above skinny, dark grey pants from shesaid. I was so excited because these pants are CUTE and long on, and I had the girls running around the department searching for a bigger size because, as the above picture shows, I could not button these pants! Well, duh, we all finally figured out no bigger size was going to help me here as these got mixed up in the maternity section. But look for these pants in shesaid, they are great!

H&M Mama in H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Ave
JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd & Broadway


Make Do Style said...

Ha the bump has gone!
Useful info though.

WendyB said...

I want to see baby photos!

Tricia said...

Make Do - Um, the bump is kind of gone!
Wendy - I'm a horrid mom, haven't even posted pics on facebook yet. But when I do, I'll let you know!