Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seeing Purple

Tricia Lewis, our Fashion Herald blogger, is out on maternity leave. Following is a post from her co-worker Katie, who is graciously filling in as guest blogger.

There’s no shortage of shine right now at Bebe on 34th Street. When you walk in, head to the right side of the store for a large selection of blouses and funky tops. I was immediately attracted to everything in the most vibrant shade of purple and grabbed two asymmetrical tops for the fitting room.

The flowing fabric on the first one gave me a Studio 54 vibe, $69.

The second had pretty flower details on the shoulder for $10 more at $79.

Another purple number near the back of the store caught my eye. In my opinion, this ruched dress is a little pricey at $149 considering the quality level at Bebe (I feel like it should line up with Express’ price points).

I used to be scared of ruching, until I found out that when it’s placed correctly it can be really flattering. Alternatively, the wrong fabric gathering in the wrong places can lead to something that ends up looking more like this:

On a side note, I just added “capturing a clear shot of your own back, in a mirror, dim lighting, and five inch heels” to my list of “things that are not easy to do”. Innocently handed to me by the friendly salesgirl to try on with the purple dress, these shoes almost took me down in the dressing room. Look at those heels! And the platform!

Bebe also has a lot of fun, “on-trend” accessories ranging from $20 to $30 on a table at the center of the store. Think big chunky rings, metallic and rhinestone cuffs, and lots of multiple strand chain necklaces in silver and gold. Look closely and you’ll find a few items at half price.

Bebe, 1 W. 34th St. between 5th & 6th Ave.


Cammila said...

This color is crazy awesome. Actually, the color and all those tops make me think of the dresses worn by the girls that my way older brother took to prom in like 1992. In a really good way.

dsi r4 said...

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so i will take this article in my life...
Thanks for sharing valuable info..

Onika said...

The shoes are major. And that colour is sooooo good. Purple can be tricky.

Nicole said...

That purple ruched dress is GORGEOUS! (in the front haha) I agree that the ruching on the back is not flattering. I love the color though. Purple is 1 of my fave colors.=]

Katie said...

Thank you for your comments, everyone. It may actually be a bad thing that there are so many great purple clothes in stores right now because I seem to be filling my closet with them and not much else!

By the way, Cammila, your prom comment is priceless!

Tricia said...

Rear-ruching is only for those who need the rear-enhancing! But I love the front of the dress, and that first top on you - very bold and fabulous purple!