Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Tote Solves Work Problem. Kind Of.

Last evening, while stuffing WWDs, a Harper's Bazaar, and a small stack of papers into my purse,  I briefly thought "I need a briefcase." Of course, I don't mean an actual briefcase, but a pretty tote to carry all of my important papers home on the subway. This will more stylishly perpetuate my delusion that I am actually diligently reading everything instead of just lugging pounds of paper around for a daily commute. Yes, before I curse at them and throw them into recycling, I would like my work papers to ride in a chic bag. I think this could be a nice summer option:

I spotted this at the 34th Street Esprit flagship last week. Now, it's nothing exciting, but it's a lovely, simple, big-ass tote. I don't want the usual, LL Bean type big-ass tote and its nylon cousin you see all over the subway in the summer. I'd like something a little different, but just as big. The weave is nice for a change, and the shoulder bag is awfully cute, too.

Esprit 21 W. 34th Street between Fifth & Sixth Avenues