Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tallia Orange at Macy's Herald Square

When I read about Tallia Orange and its playful suit linings with unique patterns for each style, I had to drop by Macy's Herald Square and check it out. Tallia is in a new home at Macy's on the second floor in designer sportswear (it used to be in the suit section).

Note Tallia's signature orange lining on each collar, visible when turned up. The ties are pictured below not just because I find them adorable, but also to emphasize the mix-n-match fun you can have with this line. And the pricing is impressively low for the quality. Tallia is a brand of Peerless International, a big player in manufacturing, so they've got the resources to bring its customer a quality line for great prices.

I want to call it all "preppy with a twist." How sick are you of reading "preppy with a twist?" Let's ask The Princess herself!

Tallia Orange at Macy's Herald Square
2nd floor, 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue