Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Lingerie Time

This morning I was walking up the subway steps right behind a young woman whose thong was hanging out well above her jeans. It was a little shocking: not the fact that I was face to face with a stranger's thong, but that this style of wearing one's underwear was still in existence. I tried to remember how long ago I had owned a plaid thong bodysuit (Lip Service, it straddled the punk rock and metal worlds), which then brought my thoughts round to the current state of my underpinnings. And I realized that one of my dresser drawers is still full of nursing bras. No, I'm no longer nursing.I was long overdue for a Victoria's Secret Herald Square visit.

I like these animal print thongs. And no, they don't look like they are going to be adorning my upper torso.

I've learned to love these hiphugger styles. They don't give bad panty lines, depending on what you're wearing, they're comfortable, and they're insta-sexy. More, even, than having your thong hanging a foot out of your pants.

These are cute but a little too uniform-like for me. I need basics right now. I can delve into more fun stuff later.

I don't like an embellished or shiny bra, but I love the panties.If you're in need of something special to knock all those nursing bras out of your drawers, or just to add to your fabulous undie collection, walk into the first floor of Victoria's Secret on 34th Street and veer right towards the Pretty Little Things section. The pretty little bridal things are here too, but let's tackle that behemoth another day.

Victoria's Secret Herald Square 34th Street and Sixth Avenue


WendyB said...

Ah, the visible thong. Good times.

Xmastime said...

no pics this time?

Tricia said...

Wendy: Yup, it's still roaming the streets looking for fun.
Xmastime: There are pictures!

Xmastime said...

not the one in front of a mirror wearing the stuff. UNACCEPTABLE!