Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cutest Kmart Maxi

I tried on several maxis at Kmart on 34th Street this afternoon, and I can confidently say this was the cutest Route 66 maxi in the store. The cut gives a girl nice cleavage and is not form-fitting, but more of an A-line shape.

This is also one of the happiest, batik-style prints I've seen in any store on 34th Street. I'm already very, very over batik, and it's only just begun. I'm in for a long summer of dreary batik prints. I've been to Indonesia, I visited the touristy arts center of Bali, the town of Ubud, and I don't remember dull, muddy, boring batik prints everywhere. Of course, everything was a lot more colorful when I was having a good time in Bali, so perhaps my memory is a little skewed.

Kmart Penn Plaza 34th Street just west of Seventh Avenue


WendyB said...

That's perfect on you!