Friday, June 3, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks

#1. Kmart
Because it's summer and we need 175 water bombs (balloons) for $3.29 for family picnics. Also, beach chairs are on sale for $11.99 and beach towels are 30% off.  One Penn Plaza, 34th Street just west of Seventh Avenue

#2. H&M
Because their summer items in the windows look really good and start at $4.95.  34th Street & 6th Avenue & Seventh Avenue at 34th Street

#3. Payless
Because BOGO 50% off is back and the designer collections this season are amazing, especially the Silvia Tcherassis. 110 W. 34th Street at Broadway & 484 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street


wholesale clothing said...

OMG, I still fell the summer! love the dress on the second photo.