Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Hi, ScarJo

Mango has amped up their 34th Street presence and added some ScarJo to the windows. I know someday I'm going to be in the office slaving typing away and I'll see a random "Mango on 34th Street" tweet and then I'll drop everything and run down...until then, no, I have no idea when exactly it's opening. But according to ScarJo and Mango, it's soon.

To celebrate the arrival of celebrity spokespeople on 34th Street, I went to JCPenney and tried on some MNG by Mango dresses now on sale.

I am not a strapless dress girl. For those of you who can actually keep one of these up they are adorable.

I was really kicking myself after taking these shots as I could have totally aped ScarJo posing. Oh well, I'll save it for the store opening. These MNG by Mango dresses are ridiculously discounted, so go visit the first lower level of  JCPenney Manhattan Mall and snatch some up until you can shop the 34th Street Mango.

Mango Coming soon to 7 West 34th Street, just west of Fifth Avenue