Thursday, December 6, 2012

Levi's 34th Street Boutique: 501s and Neutrals

I could spend a lot of money on Levi's jeans at the boutique on 34th Street, but this past week I focused on the husband's birthday. I found him his favorite 501s in a dark wash on sale for $61, and got him a plaid shirt for 50% off the sale price. While there, I wasn't going to resist trying a few things on for myself, of course.

Jeans are skinny Levi's found back by the 501s, and the tops are by Marine Layer (left) and Alternative Apparel (right). I'll admit I could live out the rest of my life in a great neutral top with a pair of dark wash Levi's, as long as I had a rotating closet of crazy black boots and some serious silver jewelry. Note that Levi's carries brands that don't just look good with their jeans, but also focus on quality fabric and comfort. DUH, it is Levi's! 

45 West 34th Street


WendyB said...

Looking good, girl.